Saturday, June 05, 2010

ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

The first poem from I Can Say Interpellation, forthcoming from Bookthug:

ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

A is for Althusser
B is for Barthes
C is for Capital
D for Descartes

E is for Eliot’s mermaid that sings
F’s for Foucault who wrote The Order of Things

G is for Gramsci who in prison still wrote a book
H is for Hegel who’s well worth a look

Ideology begins with I
Jouissance is J
K is for Kristeva on L, or Linguistics,
(Which is also Lacan’s way)

M is for Marx who put workers ahead
N is for Nietzsche who said god is dead

O is an Object and
P is Plato’s Perfection
Q stands for Query
And R’s the Reflection

S is for Said
Who troubles the border
T’s for Teleology
Which means it happens in order

U is Understanding
V makes us Vexed

W stands for Wondering
What then rhymes with X?

Y is a Yoking which leads us to Z

Which also means Zeugma

As you have just read


Alessandro Porco said...

Dude, love that poem.

Stephen Cain said...

Thanks Alex. Will try to post some more from the sequence in the next while.

Anonymous said...

could you be more interdisciplinary?