Friday, April 01, 2011

The Return of Captain Poetry

Most people who know me can guess how I feel about the current election race and Stephen Harper's rapidly increasing disdain for public accountability and democratic process (see, I resisted saying proto-fascism...)

And what I think about boot-licking apologists like Michael Lista (no, I won't link to him).

And how depressed I am about union-busting in Ohio.

So I'll try and be positive this week and mention how overjoyed I was, while meeting with Jay MillAr today, to take a first flip through The Captain Poetry Poems Complete!

Like the re-issue of Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer a few years ago by Coach House, this new re-issue of bpNichol's poems by Bookthug is exacting in its reproduction and beautiful in its design. We are at last granted a legible and corrected version of Nichol's early Captain Poetry sequence (originally issued by blewointment press in 1970), as well as out-takes and drafts, visual sequences published elsewhere that feature Captain Poetry, poetic statements by Nichol on Captain Poetry, and an afterword by original publisher bill bissett (subscribers to Bookthug also get a chapbook essay by George Bowering on Captain Poetry).

A pure delight in these dark days....

Ordering info here.

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