Friday, September 09, 2011

Vic D'or on bp

Victor Coleman is conducting a six week course on bpNichol and his influence. Registration information can be found here. It commences on September 26, and here's the course description:

bpNichol was one of the most energetic and enthusiastic poets of his generation. He wrote, he edited, he experimented, he published, he performed, and sadly he died way too young, but not before he produced an incredible body of work. And when he died strange things happened in the writing and publishing community in Canada. It was as though a massive source of creative energy and excitement that supported a huge network of writers and poets suddenly disappeared and things, well, things changed. How could this happen? Why did so many people turn to one person to support them and their work? Who was bpNichol and how did he accomplish so much in such a brief lifetime? In this six-week course led by Victor Coleman, who was Nichol's first editor at The Coach House Press, and his good friend, you will get intimate with bpNichol and his work, and learn about the incredible influence Nichol had on Canadian poetry and poetics.

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