Saturday, November 05, 2011

Thoughts on the Rock

Finally finished a draft of an essay that I've been working on for a couple of months about Andre Breton's time in Quebec. I discuss, among many other things, his time exploring the beaches of Perce and his meditations on the Perce Rock, as well as his relationship to the Automatists, the birds of Bonaventure Island, agates, and Tarot cards. As a bit of a preview, the above is a photo of the plaque commemorating the trip Breton made to the Gaspe with Elisa Claro, outside the hotel they stayed at in 1944--just down the road from my paternal grandfather's farm where I spent many of my summers during the 1970s and 1980s.

If anyone knows the copyright holder of the image, taken from the Arcane 17 site, please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Found this page after searching for my grandfather's picture on google (well, just in case because they are making a movie about the early beginning of the FLQ in Perce, while he was the mayor).
This post tells me that yep, you really are my cousin :-)


PS : Sorry, we did not learn english at home, so it must be full of grammar mistakes!

Stephen Cain said...

Merci pour votre note! Oui, je me souviens de vous rencontrer une fois quand nous étions très très jeune quand vous avez été en camping avec oncle Robert et tante Patsy. Vous pouvez m'écrire directement à et si vous êtes intéressé je peux vous envoyer une copie de mon essai. Il est en anglais et est la plupart du temps sur le poète André Breton, mais j'ai aussi mentionner brièvement grand-père Cain.

Zack Rogow said...

Hi, Stephen. I'd be very interested to read your essay. I'm the English-language translator of Arcanum 17, André Breton's chronicle of his time in Quebec and the Gaspé. My own blog is Advice for Writers:
Zack Rogow